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Special Programs

Special Programs

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One of the unique qualities of our program is the programs themselves! Here is a sample of some of the yearly events that occur:

Mesibat Erev Shabbat

Simply translated, this bi-monthly event that occurs on a Friday morning, means “A party before Shabbat.” The entire preschool gathers together in the main sanctuary (religious hall) and sings songs with the Hazzan (Cantor) and listens to an interactive story told by the Rabbi. Family members are always welcome!

Yearly Parent's Night Out Fundraiser

Every parent needs a night out once in a while! Why not support the Preschool and Infant Center at the same time? This yearly fundraiser guarantees a great time with friends along with raffles, a silent auction, great food and drinks…and most important AMAZING company!

Parent-Child Workshops

Our school strongly believes in embracing the parent child bond in our setting. Parents and family members are invited throughout the year for one our workshops that focus on Jewish values and mitzvot (good deeds). In our Lavan (three year old) group, we offer workshops that focus on the value of Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath).

Passover “Model” Seders

For several weeks the children learn all about Passover and the Exodus out of Egypt. We end our unit by celebrating with family members at our age-level Model Seders, that are organized by the teachers and parents – but much of the program is influenced by our children, therefore making the event incredibly child-friendly, fun and educational.

School-Wide Celebrations

Many times throughout the year the school will get together and celebrate a variety of holidays and other joyous events - from staff acting out the story of Purim, engaging in developmentally appropriate activities to celebrate Chanukah, to a pep rally for one of our national sports teams - we are always looking for ways to be joyous and celebrate together as a school!

Seudat Shalom (End of the School Year Party)

Every year we are so excited about the successes and fun experiences the children have participated in. We have a wonderful party/Shabbat service and dinner that honors our beautiful children and their teachers.

Simcha Book Club

When you or a relative/friend donates $18 in honor of your child's birthday or any other simcha (special celebration), a book, CD, or learning activity will be purchased for your child's class and will remain in that classroom to be enjoyed by your child's classmates and by future AJ Preschool and Infant Center students.

Sukkah Dinner

We love to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot! The Preschool and Infant Center has a wonderful event featuring dinner, entertainment, and arts and crafts – all family members are welcome!


Celebrate Chanukah with us!  ENjoy our wide variety of latkes (potato pancakes) with all the fixings while shopping from some local artisans and vendors.  We also have great entertainment for the children!