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A Superior Environment for Young Children

We cater to children from the ages of 3 months to 5+ years in a friendly, safe, and nurturing environment that promotes learning and development. We are a non-discriminatory facility that welcomes families and children without regard to race, color, religious creed, ancestry, sex, age, national origin, or sexual orientation.

Infant Center

(3 months - approximately 1 year, depending on developmental needs)

Welcome to your "home away from home." It is a textured world of different shapes and sizes, with equipment to climb on, under, around and through. A place with large and small people snuggling and interacting; where you can bounce, crawl, roll and shout. Parents are our partners and feel the warmth with which they are welcomed, and their familiarity with the caregivers.


(approximately 1 year - 2 years)

Any day in the life of our Young Toddler Rooms is a day of topsy-turvy emotions and experiences. It is a day filled with joy, admiration, responsibility, curious confusion, tenderness, silliness and love. Socialization and sensory experiences top the list of what the children learn and enjoy throughout the day.


(ages 2 - 3)

Within a small setting, children in these classrooms experience many child-centered activities throughout the day. Daily activities include singing, arts and crafts, sensory time, indoor and outdoor activity, movement and story time. After lunch and naptime, the children participate in story telling and dramatic play.


(ages 3 - 4)

Children who are in Lavan participate in arts and crafts, singing, language enrichment, dramatic play, science, cooking, and field trips. Gross motor, fine motor and cognitive thinking skills are all emphasized as the students grow. This program also places importance on social interaction and learning to deal positively with themselves and others.


(Pre-K program, ages 4 - 5)

Our Adom classes focus on the readiness skills needed for beginning kindergarten academically, creatively, and socially. All tools of learning are available through numerous innovative and exciting activities such as daily journaling, language arts, science, math, dramatic play, arts and crafts, circle time, music, stories, trips, special events, and indoor and outdoor play.

SINAI Program

Unique to our area

Unique to our area! The SINAI Class is a self-contained class for children with special needs that meet weekday mornings from 9 – 12. The curriculum focuses on the development of language and social skills. Sensory integration issues, and fine and gross motor delays are also addressed in the classroom. Each child’s individual I.E.P. goals are incorporated into the daily program. SINAI children have the option to attend the afternoon school program integrated into a typical class setting, with or without support depending on the child’s individual needs.

Hebrew Immersion Program

Only at AJ!

Led by Hebrew speaking instructors, this unique option is for our Lavan and Adom classes. The students are immersed in learning, hearing, and communicating Hebrew through games, projects, and special activities resulting in actually speaking and understanding the language!